NAME: Sarita Maybin , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Diversity , Team Communication , Conflict Management , Workplace Negativity , How to give effective performance feedback
  PROFILE: Ms. Maybin - Anderson has lectured in 46 of the 50 states , 9 Canadian provinces , and in England , Singapore , Hong Kong , and Malaysia. She is an expert presenter whose audiences benefit from her humorous and practical presentations.
  EDUCATION: University of Maryland - B.A. , Psychology with a Spanish minor University of Maryland - M.A. , Counseling
  NAME: Roger I. Burgraff , Ph.D. , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Leadership Training , Executive Coaching , Customer Service , Interviewing Skills , Presentation Skills
  PROFILE: Dr. Burgraff's programs focus on interpersonal leadership , customer service , conflict and confrontation , etc. He has presented in the U.S. , Canada , Mexico , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Australia , India , Venezuela , and the U.K.
  EDUCATION: DePaul University - M.A. , Speech Pathology University of Denver - Ph. D. , Speech Pathology
  NAME: Patty Bustamante , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Sexual Harassment , EEOC Labor Law
  PROFILE: Ms. Bustamante is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with many years of experience. She has practiced employment and labor law for 20 years and has conducted training seminars for private and public entities.
  EDUCATION: Wayne State University - J.D. Wayne State University - M.A. , Communications
  NAME: Cal Cohn , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Supervisory Skills , Leading Teams , Implementing Self - Directed Work Teams , Project Management , Total Quality Management , H.R. Topics & Directives
  PROFILE: Cal Cohn has had extensive experience working with government agencies. As a contract trainer with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management , he trained more than 7,000 government employees in national and international locations
  EDUCATION: University of California - B.A. Secondary Education , Geography & Earth Science Pepperdine University - M.A. , Human Resources Management
  NAME: Phil D'Agostino , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Conflict Resolution , Motivational Mania , Coaching Skills
  PROFILE: Phil customizes his programs to give each audience practical skills that apply to their needs , challenges , and opportunities. He is a top - rated trainer and has spoken to move more than 60,000 participants.
  EDUCATION: University of North Carolina - M.Ed. , Counseling University of North Carolina - Graduate Studies , Biochemistry / Cellular Physiology High Point College - B.S. , General Science / Biology and Chemistry Winston - Salem State University - Computer Science
  NAME: Susan Dellinger , Ph.D. , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Communication Skills & Concepts , Psycho - Geometrics - Personality Analysis , Millennium Woman - Women in Leadership Roles , Management & Leadership Skills Training
  PROFILE: Dr. Dellinger has been a designer and provider of training and speaking services to fortune 500 corporations , governmental agencies , and education & health institutions. She has authored several books , videos , and audio programs.
  EDUCATION: University of Indiana - B.S. , Education University of Florida - M.S. , Education University of Colorado - Ph.D. , Communication
  NAME: David Dworksi , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Change Management , Professional Interviewing Skills , Dealing with Difficult People , Conflict Confrontation
  PROFILE: David Dworski is a highly sought after speaker and trainer whose dynamic and humorous approach to organizational change and communication skills has helped organizations achieve new levels of productivity and success.
  EDUCATION: Yale University - B.A. , Liberal Arts Antioch University - M.A. , Clinical Psychology
  NAME: Donna Fisher , CSP , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Networking: Turning Contacts into Business , Powerful Connections: The People Side of Business , Power Talk: Crystal Clear Communication , Interviewing Skills
  PROFILE: Donna inspires people to develop their own personal power through their people skills. A member of the National Speakers Association , she has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation worldwide.
  EDUCATION: Appalachian State University - B.S. , Business Administration
  NAME: David A. Ginsberg , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Medical Office Management , Medicare Compliance Training
  PROFILE: David has served as a practice management consultant for over 25 years. He helps health care organizations to increase reimbursement , comply with complex third party regulations as well as Medicare compliance.
  NAME: Joanne Lichten , Ph.D. , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Stress Management , How Food Affects Performance , Dining Lean
  PROFILE: Dr. Lichten has helped thousands of professionals get more out of life by improving their skills and attitudes. She is an expert in understanding how people change and motivating the most difficult people to make positive changes
  EDUCATION: Texas A&M - Ph.D. , Adult Education
  NAME: Timothy McElwin , Spirituality in the Workplace
  PROFILE: Mr. McElwin is the executive director of the Family Develop Institute , Inc. He specializes in Christian counseling with goals towards a more spiritual society. His topics are geared towards a more successful business due to an increase in moral / ethical behavior in the workplace.
  EDUCATION: Georgetown University - Bachelors of Science
  NAME: Naci McGraw , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Organized for Success , Speak Up and Stand Out , Time Management
  PROFILE: Ms. McGraw is a professional speaker , trainer , author , and award - winning broadcaster. She presents up to 150 programs annually throughout the U.S. , Canada , the Bahamas , Hong Kong , Singapore , Malaysia
  EDUCATION: Brigham Young University - B.A. , Psychology and English with a Minor in German ; Graduate work in Communications
  NAME: Robert McGraw , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Business and Technical Writing Skills , Working with the Media for Maximum Success , Customer Service Training , Interviewing Skills
  PROFILE: Robert McGraw's numerous articles and columns have appeared in magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and overseas. His areas of expertise include business and technical writing , graphic design , and developing creativity in business
  EDUCATION: M.A. , Education
  NAME: Susan Perry , Ph.D. , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Working with People with Disabilities , Medical Office Management
  PROFILE: Dr. Perry is an expert with 10 years of experience working in the field of adult and pediatric developmental and physical disabilities. She helps integrate people into the workplace by providing skills and systems training
  EDUCATION: UCLA - B.A. , Ethnical Arts U.C.L.A - Professional School for Psychological Studies - M.A. / Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
  NAME: Sheryl L. Roush , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: How to Design & Market Your Services and Products , Conducting and Participating in Meetings , Conflict Management , Managing Organizational Change
  PROFILE: Ms. Roush is a dynamic presenter with many years of experience. She is one of only five female accredited speakers as honored by Toastmasters International for outstanding professional platform presentation skills.
  EDUCATION: San Diego City College - A.A. , Commercial Art
  NAME: Helga A. Rhode , Psy.D. , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Dealing with Conflict & Confrontation , Assertiveness Training , Negotiations Skills
  PROFILE: Dr. Rhode is an international leading authority in the areas of conflict , negotiation , assertiveness and communications who has conducted hundreds of training programs nationally and internationally. She specializes in negotiation skills.
  EDUCATION: University of Denver - Doctor of Psychology
  NAME: Ford Saeks , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Marketing your Organization for Results , How to Improve Professional Performance , Dealing Effectively with the Media , Public and Other Forces
  PROFILE: Mr. Saeks' extensive background in the business world provides his clients with a unique advantage. Ford is best known for positioning people and their products and services through proven marketing and innovative publicity campaigns.
  EDUCATION: Wichita State University - Liberal Arts Courses
  NAME: Sandra A. Shelton , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Strategic Planning Process , Time Management , Managing Diversity , Conflict Resolution
  PROFILE: Ms. Shelton possesses extraordinary skills in curriculum design , speaking and training. Sandra knows to transfer critical skills to help companies gain the leading edge in management , communication and service.
  EDUCATION: Sam Houston State University - M.Ed. , Masters in Education Administration Texas Tech University - B.A. , English / Theater
  NAME: Julian Simmonds , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Strategic Planning , Executive Coaching , Team Building , Project Management , Making the Media Work for You
  PROFILE: Mr. Simmonds is a business and strategic marketing presenter. He focuses on developing comprehensive training programs for clients. He brings a global perspective combined with top - notch information and expertise.
  EDUCATION: Bristol University England - post graduate work in Economics & Education Stanford University - Alumni faculty member California State University , Hayward - Assoc. Professor
  NAME: Bobbe Sommer , Ph.D. , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: How Perception Influences Workplace Behavior , Assertive Communication , Identifying different Team Member's Interactive Styles , Understanding Small Group Dynamics , Professional Interviewing Skills
  PROFILE: Dr. Sommer is a leading psychologist and author who offers fresh insights and new , scientifically - based approaches that assist organizations and individuals in remaining optimistic and productive during changing times.
  EDUCATION: California Graduate Institution - Ph.D , Psychology University of Colorado - B.A. , Psychology University of Colorado - M.S. , Psychology
  NAME: Gene Swindell , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Total Quality Management , Supervision Skills , Change Management , Nine Traits of Highly Successful Organizations , Strategic Planning
  PROFILE: Gene Swindell is highly acclaimed for his customized " people building " seminars. Mr. Swindell has conducted presentations throughout the U.S. and 16 other countries
  EDUCATION: Indiana University - B.A. , Journalism
  NAME: Bernadette Trujillo - Vadurro , President Leading Edge Training Technologies
  TOPIC EXPERT: Program Topics Click Here
  PROFILE: Bernadette Trujillo-Vadurro is a trainer and president of Leading Edge Training Technologies , a seminar company which produces " just in time , " fully customized multi-media seminars guaranteed to improve performance and increase organizational effectiveness.
Every program is tailored to meet each individual client's needs. Participants profit from high content , relevant case studies , and meaty information specified to enrich the training experience and drive crucial learning points. Bernadette is a dynamic and enthusiastic training veteran who has trained thousands of participants across the country.
  EDUCATION: College of Sante Fe - Magna Cum Laude , B.B.A. Business Administration
  NAME: Chuck Ward , Ph.D , Professional Trainer & Facilitator
  TOPIC EXPERT: Interpersonal Communication , Leading and Management Training , Personal Growth , Professional Ethics
  PROFILE: Dr. Ward , one of America's most gifted communicators , can engage listeners both emotionally and intellectually. Audiences are able to see , hear and feel the unique quality of his seminars and workshops
  EDUCATION: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - Master of Divinity Quachita Baptist University - B.A. , English Literature University of North Texas - Doctor of Philosophy Western Conservative Baptist Seminar - Doctor of Ministry