Seminar Topics
Bernadette designs and delivers customized keynote presentations and seminars in Customer Service, Leadership, Professional Communication Skills, Diversity, Change Management, Motivation and Thinking Outside the Box. You are guaranteed to gain the latest, hottest information available on the topic. You will not hear the same old stories repeated in the other seminars. Each program has been customized using current, pertinent, and relevant information to bring you "Leading Edge" information on the topic you want to learn more about. You'll discover realistic, applicable solutions to your toughest I while being entertained and inspired!
Sample Techniques Employed
  • Accelerated Learning    Applications
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Discussions
  • Assessments
  • Humor
  • Role Playing
  • High Impact Video Vignettes
  • Group Breakout Sessions
  • Multimedia Slide Show
  • Game Show Pro
  • Computer Generated    Interactive Programs
  • Customized Program Format

    Keynote Presentation : 45 minutes to 1 hour
    Half Day Presentation : Up to 3 hours
    Full Seminar : 6 hours
    Topic Descriptions

    How To Deliver Customer Service Excellence
    Clients like the Pittsburgh Housing Authority, Department of Interior, and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum staff can attest to the benefits of receiving world class customer service training from Customer Service Expert Bernadette. If you strive to be more than "just a cut" above the rest in your field, then call upon Bernadette Trujillo- Vadurro to customize your full multimedia program today!
  • Understanding why every customer contact is critical to your success
  • Discover five cornerstones of excellence in customer service
  • Pinpoint customer needs and learn how to excel in meeting needs
  • Uncover powerful listening strategies to improve customer interactions
  • Learn seven keys to successfully build customer loyalty
  • Master communication problems that arise in customer service
  • Learn six strategies to defuse an angry customer
  • Take the positive initiative in your customer service transactions
  • Find how you can say no to customers and still keep them smiling
  • Discover eight award - winning strategies to improve your telephone skills
  • Leadership & Management
    Leadership Strategies for Managers is a high - content program designed to help every manager, supervisor and team leader to improve professional performance and increase leadership effectiveness. Learn how to meet leadership demands successfully. Bernadette has worked with managers throughout the United States to improve leadership quality, increase staff motivation, and to better workplace productivity.
  • Discover crucial elements in effective leadership and management
  • Find out how to delegate and problem solve quickly and effectively
  • Understand the elements of building solid employee relations
  • Cultivate employees to become hardworking and loyal
  • Discover how to lead your team through example and inspiration
  • Take a series of assessments to determine your leadership style
  • Learn to benchmark and set goals as you improve your management skills
  • Discover important techniques to improve employee performance
  • Learn how to smooth over a sticky or awkward confrontation
  • Learn to flex your communication style and increase emotional intelligence
  • Find out how to build a creative, innovative and productive working environment
  • Managing Change
    The only constancy we are guaranteed to encounter is that everything changes sooner or later. This is a dynamic presentation on "Managing Change" by Bernadette Trujillo - Vadurro. Here are but a few highlights :
  • Discover why we fear change and how to overcome that fear
  • The difference between self - imposed change and exterior - imposed change
  • How to develop a working philosophy to cope with change
  • Learn to become a change agent in a rapidly altering workplace
  • The fundamental process of organizational change; what to expect and how to prepare for it
  • Planning change to balance management decision making and team participation
  • 12 strategies for becoming "change skilled"
  • Methods to prepare team members to embrace the future and its possibilities
  • Thinking Outside the Box

    How To Develop Breakthrough Thinking Skills
  • Become a creative problem solver
  • Understand paradigm paralysis
  • Make break through discoveries
  • Learn whole brain thinking skills
  • Eliminate "stuck in the rut" thinking
  • Find multiple solutions to problems
  • Discover hidden opportunities
  • Maximize brain power
  • Embrace change
  • Transform options
  • Expand alpha brain state waves
  • Use advanced thinking techniques
  • How To Increase Innovative Creativity & Production In The Workplace
  • Master secrets to work satisfaction
  • See how to generate more ideas
  • Discover the real motivators
  • Use technology brain storming
  • Uncover your creative potential
  • Foster innovation at work & home
  • Increase options & possibilities
  • Learn to avoid creativity killers
  • Create an innovative culture
  • Tap into creative potentiality
  • Create better products & services
  • Gain the competitive edge ahead
  • Communication Skills
    "It's not what we say that impacts our future, it's how we say it." Bernadette Trujillo - Vadurro, communication expert will take you behind the scenes in understanding communication, it's impact and how you can improve your communication strategies. Bernadette will teach you how to increase your personal power, professional credibility and maximize communication blunders.
  • Discover how to develop immediate rapport even with strangers
  • Test your listening and see how you can enhance relationships
  • Minimize conflict and confrontations through diffusion strategies
  • Effectively communicate with all types of people
  • Learn 6 communication skills that will help you in any situation
  • Learn 10 techniques to increase your emotional intelligence
  • Find out how you can decipher unspoken messages
  • Understand the importance of body language during your interactions
  • Bridge the differences between male and female communication
  • Find out about cultural differences and the importance of sensitivity
  • Discover how to use silence effectively
  • Increase your personal presence through dynamic strategies
  • Become more influential and motivating in your communication
  • Diversity Training
    The Diversity Training program is a highly interactive workshop which invites participants to explore diversity in a safe and professional learning environment Participants can expect to better understand the business rationale for gender, cultural and global differences and why these are workplace issues. Participants will discover the benefits of embracing diversity as an important component in the 21st century. The Diversity Training program offers a structured formula in experiential learning which will provide key ingredients towards initiating successful organizational changes in performance and behavior within your organization.

    Diversity, affirmation action and EEOC can be controversial topics, if they are not facilitated in a pro active and productive manner. This exciting program, delivered by Bernadette Trujillo - Vadurro, Diversity Expert, will greatly assist you in understanding the key elements of diversity appreciation. This training program is divided into four major components. The following identifies key topics to be covered.

    Component I
  • Understanding EEOC and it's impact on our workplace
  • Developing and managing diversity in a rapidly changing work world
  • Why top organizations value diversity, embrace EEOC and even go the extra mile
  • Understanding how evolving economics and demographics are relative to a workforce that reflects our nation's diversity
  • Learn about EEOC laws, case studies and discover how to make diversity an integrated part of your organization
  • Find out about the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and how this affects recruitment and retention
  • Review actual EEOC case studies, the infractions, the findings and the court rulings
  • Find out if you are guilty of any discriminating actions and why Affirmative Action can benefit every individual
  • Component II
  • Diversity Assessment - recognizing your biases, stereotypes, and prejudices and how to become pro active
  • Cross cultural communication, the pluses, the challenges, and the importance of sensitivity
  • Ten important elements toward team building in a diverse environment
  • Creating an affirming environment through several important communication strategies
  • Twelve reasons for valuing diversity - Diversity 180 and how to achieve maximum potential
  • Component III
  • How to increase your Emotional Intelligence
  • Unique issues pertinent to balancing organizational missions with cultural sensitivity
  • Discover how to maintain credibility and influence while still maintaining an aura of sensitivity
  • Learn techniques to help you effectively communicate your message with impact, but without alienating others
  • Discover how you can use your gestures and body language in a powerful manner and still maintain rapport with individuals
  • Tools to assist you to quickly resolve communication conflicts
  • How you can become a change agent and learn to think outside the box
  • Component IV
  • How to increase professional influence through Cultural Diversity
  • Learn techniques to help you effectively communicate with all types of people
  • Discover methods for increasing your emotional intelligence
  • Understand the importance of body language during your interactions and learn how to decipher unspoken messages
  • Bridge the differences between male and female communication through understanding critical elements
  • Motivation & Attitude Improvement
    Bernadette Trujillo - Vadurro is hailed as an expert in the field of motivation. She has been brought into organizations to literally light the fire of energy and enthusiasm where the light has begun to dull. Don't miss the opportunity to gain from Bernadette's expertise.
  • Find the differences between kick starters and self starters
  • How to build intrinsic motivation and pride in every job
  • Discover a twenty - one day renewal exercise that can change your life
  • Learn the secrets of increase productivity
  • Discover how to develop personal responsibility and enhance self esteem
  • Action steps for identifying and actively pursuing your work mission
  • Learn strategies and techniques to improve your motivation